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Compare plans Info Basic Pro Enterprise
Monthly pricing   € 2000$ 2233 € 5000$ 5581 € 10.000$ 11162
Content creation Attract quality leads to your website by offering outstanding content      
Short copy (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn messages) Get your social media sites updated 6/month 10/month 24/month
News Announce your latest news in a short, to the point message of 250 words 1/month 2/month 4/month
Blog post Share your know-how with a blog post of 500 words 6/month 10/month 15/month
White paper Establish yourself as an expert in your field with a white paper of 1,500 words 0/month 1/month 2/month
Written by Five Star Specialist Editors Get the best content written by Five Star Specialist Editors
Optimised texts for search engines Appear higher up the search engine rankings with integrated keywords
All reworks Get copy that perfectly suits your needs. We work until you are happy and do every rework without extra charge.
Proofreading Get correct copy proofread by professional proofreaders
2nd proofreading Check, double check! Get copy that has been proofread twice by different professional proofreaders.    
100 % quality guarantee: Not happy money back Not happy? We can hardly imagine it happening, but if you are not entirely happy we will give you your money back – and send you flowers.
Extra language Get your copy in one extra language    
Content ideas & planning        
Subject suggestions Too busy to think up feature ideas? Let us inspire you! We’ll send you content ideas, generated by a specialist editor who is informed about the latest trends in your business.
Online content calendar Our online calendar software provides an excellent overview of your content, including where and when it will be published.  
Picture research We source images to complement your copy
Pictures delivered to the correct size Get ready-to-publish pictures, and lose no time doing it yourself
Pictures delivered with copyright Get images and the copyright you need to publish them.
Automatic upload Gain time, we do the upload of all articles and images, in your CMS system, or in our publishing software
Publishing software Copy is automatically published across your media thanks to our unique publishing software. Unlimited users.  
Validation software Check and validate the articles online. Unlimited users.  
Content promotion        
Keyword research Get to know which keywords are used most frequently in relation to your product or service.  
SEO updated copy Get search engine optimised content and appear higher up the search rankings
Email marketing Send compelling newsletters to reach your target group    
Publishing content on social media Spread your content and get more followers, fans and leads. € 65$ 73/h € 65$ 73/h
Content scan        
Basic content scan Get an overview of your current content and digital footprint in comparison with your competitors. Learn how you could improve your digital footprint.  
Full content scan Get a full content scan, learn what content your target group is looking for, and set up your goals.    
Digital content marketing plan Plan your content marketing with our help and get a step-by-step guide to making it happen.    
Big data        
Tracking software, weekly reporting Get results: analyse the impact of your content marketing and get more leads, more fans, more awareness, more followers, more sales.  
Other services        
Rewriting Send us your existing copy and we will rewrite it - making it easier to read and more appealing to your specific target group.      
Translations Get copy in several languages      
Proofreading Get correct copy proofread by professional proofreaders      
Writers’ training Develop the writing skills of your team.      
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