Get the outstanding content you need
to boost your inbound marketing

Short copy

Blog post:

A business blog can make or break your inbound marketing strategy. Think of it as a long-term marketing asset. A blog takes regular effort to update but can pay dividends, helping to build a loyal and engaged audience that will grow organically over time. Not sure where to start? We can build a blog and integrate it into your existing site – and work with you to ensure it stays true to your voice.
  • Establish yourself as a leading thinker and authority in your industry
  • Help customers find you – blog posts will appear in search results
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Build a list of business prospects


Keep your audience up to date with a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • We can provide copy and images and take care of the formatting – and even send it out to your contacts for you.

News message:

If you need to make an announcement or spread the word quickly, we can help.
  • Announce your latest news in a short, to the point message of 150 words.

Long copy

White paper:

Who do clients go to with their business? A company which knows what it’s talking about is a company they can trust.
  • Show you’re an expert in your field with a white paper of 1,500 words.

Interview or case study:

We know that complex subjects often require a different approach. That’s why we interview experts and undertake case studies for our clients.
  • Real life examples and comments provide a ‘human touch’ that brings even the most complex subjects to life.

Micro copy

Facebook posts, tweets, blog comments:

Want to start a conversation with your audience and attract potential customers? We can help.
  • Let us update your social media accounts with relevant posts and we can help manage the start of a beautiful relationship.


We work in more than 10 languages including Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish and Swedish and can translate your existing content to other languages too. Because we know that nuances of meaning can get lost in translation, we have native journalists who check the content to ensure it reads well.
  • We make it easy to distribute your content in several languages
  • Good translation is key when engaging customers in other languages


Mistakes can undermine your credibility. That’s why we employ a strict proof reading process to ensure that everything is checked – and checked again.
  • Get grammatically correct and clear copy.


The world is changing every day. The content you had yesterday may be out of date, misaligned with your brand values or simply not relevant to today’s customers. We can help by rewriting it.
  • Start using content that already exists in your organisation
  • Publish up-to-date content that reflects your current vision


Do a Google search on your company or products and services and where do you come? For customers to find you ahead of the competition, you need to rank highly in the results pages. We can optimise your content and ensure the terms people typically search on appear as keywords in your content, page titles and metadata. The better your SEO, the more leads will arrive at your website.
  • Get found
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Increase new business

Hire an editor

Do you have a job that needs a media specialist, but don’t have the right person to fill the role? Why not hire a journalist from Mediaforta? We have an extensive database of experienced journalists with strong track records. We can pre-select candidates for your company who match your requirements.
  • Get an experienced in-house specialist
  • Benefit from the storytelling skills of a journalist
  • Get clear, independent and objective copy

Content planning to engage new clients

Subject suggestion

Not sure what kind of features or topics your target audience will find interesting? You don’t have to spend time thinking up great content ideas – we do it for you!
  • Content created by editors who make it their job to know your business
  • Topical features that relate to what’s happening in your industry sector
  • Choose from a list of feature ideas

Online content calendar

Keep track of when, where and how you plan to publish your content with an editorial calendar. Our software will allow you to manage all your content, from features to Facebook posts. Share the calendar with your colleagues and everyone will be on the same page.
  • Keep everyone informed of changes to your content plan
  • People with interests across the business can feed into the calendar
  • Keep track of important changes as they happen

Pictures to illustrate your content

Picture research

You’ve got great copy - now you need stunning imagery to go with it. Whether you’re looking for striking lifestyle photography or product shots, we can provide it.
  • We source images to complement your copy.

All rights

Copyright and royalty issues on imagery can be a minefield. You don’t need to employ a legal team or negotiate deals with separate picture libraries, as we’ve taken care of it.
  • We deliver the images with the copyright you need to publish them.

Correct size

Not sure how to resize or optimise images for the web? You don’t need to train up staff or buy photo manipulation software. We do the hard work for you.
  • Get ready-to-publish pictures, and lose no time doing it yourself.

Publish outstanding content to attract customers

Publishing software

Our unique publishing software will save you time. The content appears on your website, in the correct language and format, at the right time.
  • Content is published in the right format and language across all your media
  • Automatic updates ensure your sites are kept fresh

Validation software

You receive an email when your articles are ready to validate. With our online validation software your feedback is instantly sent to the editor. Once validated, your article will be published across all your digital media via our publication software.
  • Approve or send a feature back for re-work
  • You have the final say on what goes live

Content Promotion to get found

Keyword research

It’s no use publishing outstanding content if no one reads it. Luckily, we’re adept at SEO and can carry out keyword research for you.
  • We generate a list of optimised keywords to target
  • Choose keywords depending on your budget

Spreading the content

Getting your distribution set up is a vital part of the publishing process. Once you're content is published, we help make sure as many people as possible read it.
  • We spread your content to generate more followers, fans and leads.


Of course, you want to see how wel SEO is performing for you. We measure and assess the performance the performance of keywords to maximise performance.
  • Measure how well different keywords perform
  • Watch as your pages appear higher up in search engine rankings